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Horse Products


Mohair and mane hair mecates. Parachute Cord. See pictures. Best mecates made anywhere. go to site Order #: 1661, 1663, 1668, 1673, 1678, 1680, 1686, and 1689. Parachute Cord Come 5/8” or ½”. They come 12’ long or 15’ in various” colors. Proscalpin 1 mg for sale usa Order #: 1698
Get Down Ropes
In ¼” and 3/8” 4 strand. They come 14’ and 16’ long. Order #: 1763

100% Diamond Wool Pads
Wool is the best thing you can put on your horse’s back. It allows for proper breathing, warm in the winter and absorbs sweat in the summer. The contoured performance pad is made with a wither relief notch and reinforced leather down the spine. Under the large distressed wear leathers, you will find beveled close contact cutouts for a closer fit.They come 32” wide and 30” long and 32” by 32”. Order #: 1767
Raw Hide Bosals
These are custom made bosals, 10 ½” from the nose button with Leather Hanger to the heel knot.They come 5/8” or ½”. It has just the proper stiffness to it and they come 16 ply. Best bosal braider in the country. Order #: 1705, 1707
Jeremiah WattEggbut Snaffle
These bits come 5” long or 5 ½” long, 5 ¼” is a special order. They come with sweet iron and copper inlay, perfectly balanced bit.The horses love the taste of it and the bit itself is 3/8”. Order #: 1712


Custom Headstall

Bob Burrelli signature headstall made of Hermann Oak
1731 leather, russet color, hand rubbed to perfection. ¾” heavy
single-ply stitch. Double check adjustments, stainless
steel hardware (buckles and conches), scalloped brow band. Order #: 1731
Head Stall Complete Set
Includes curb straps, slobber straps and parachute cord Mecate. Order #: 1869
Custom Made Slobber Straps
Bob Burrelli signature slobber straps. Hermann Oak
leather. 7” long, scalloped shape with a 5/8” hole.Color: Russet Order #: 1721
Custom Made Curb Strap
Hermann Oak leather, stainless steel buckle. Russet color. 8” long. Fits all horses.Order #: 1718

Narrow Soft Rope
Halter 5/16″
12’or 15’ lead with leather popper. Comes in variouscolors. Order #: 1870
Narrow Stiff Rope Halter 5/16″
12’ or 15’ lead with leather popper. Comes in lots of colors. Leads come in parachute cord, tree line, or yacht braid.
Order #: 1757

Bob Burrelli Training DVD’s

DVDs. Groundwork (single DVD), Groundwork and Mounted (two DVD set)Order #:
Custom Made Saddles
All saddles are Wade Tree saddles. They come with round skirt, square skirt, rough-out seat or smooth seat, (make seat to fit) leather ladigo, 3” or 4” leather horn with rope strap and mule hide horn wrap, cantle can be 5”, 4” bell stirrups, off side billet strap hooked on to D ring, four keepers, two on each side, 6 leather saddle strings, stainless hardware, and rear cinch.Options: Matching breast color and bucking rolls.Order #: 1769
Roping Ropes
60’ x 5/16” nylon, triple X soft, with metal hondo for fast Release. Also available in 45’. Order #: 1864

Breakaway Roping Ropes
45’ recommended. This rope is used for practice. It has a breakaway hondo. We also have Poly ropes. Order #: 1865
Leather Therapy
Leather Therapy will enhance the color and bring back the
1884 luxurious feel of all kinds of smooth leather items. Inhibits
mold and mildew, increases strength and longevity,
minimized cracking and fading and protects against the
elements. Order #: 1884

Ferries’ Fix Oil
Ferries’ Fix Oil – Draws out soreness, toughens the hoof, helps dry, cracked hooves, kills thrush & bacteria, alleviates laminitis. Order #: 1885